Different Types of Tartan Kilts

Utility kilt

The traditional tartan kilt is available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and lengths. The traditional kilt is often worn by men in Scotland and extends to the knee of the wearer. The kilt is usually made out of 8 yards of wool fabric, which is equivalent to around 7 meters. The kilt is also available in another variation often known as “casual kilt”. This kilt consists of only 4 yards of fabric and is therefore significantly lighter than the traditional 8 yards one, making it much more comfortable to wear. There are also modern day kilt available nowadays which is Utility kilt that is pretty popular among kilt wearers.

The weight of the kilt is typically measured in ounces. Once ounce is equivalent to approximately 1.3 square meters, which is 28.3 grams. The traditional kilt weighs around 16 ounces. However, many kilts nowadays weigh only 13 ounces. There are also other types of kilts that weigh less but most people prefer to buy the heavy kilt.

Additionally, the length of the fabric and the weight can be individually adjusted according to your liking. For a perfectly sewn kilt, the dimensions of the waistband, the hip circumference, and the length must be taken. In order to take the most accurate measurements for your kilt, begin measuring your waist at the navel, as the kilt is worn slightly higher than a pair of pants. However, if you are going for a more casual look then you are free to choose whatever you want. The trousers are often worn a little lower but that is not the case for kilts.

There are many kilt makers out there that only require the waist size and the rest is just a standard measure. Despite this, the length can also be adjusted by a tailor for a product made from standard measurements. But most of the time, the standard size fits and nothing needs to changed or replaced.

But if you are looking for custom made kilt then the supplier might ask you few more measurements than just the waist size. The supplier might ask your hip size and length for your kilt. The kilt length should be around 2.5 cm above the knee cap. The entire knee cap should not be covered by the kilt. For a higher quality product, the fabric is made of new wool. Since, this can be very expensive, bunch of different alternatives have been introduced to make kilts affordable for everyone. Most of the kilts you see in stores are often made from a material called poly-viscose. So, even a tartan kilt lover with a small budget can afford it.

The question left now is how much a tartan kilt costs and where can you buy it for the best price? Well, nowadays, a kilt can be purchased either from a physical outlet or an online kilt shop. Depending on the price range, you can visit different online shops and compare the prices and pick one that best fits your budget and requirements. There are kilts that can cost around 60 to 80 USD but there are also some other expensive type of kilts that can go as high as 700 USD. If you are new to wearing a kilt then you should consider getting the affordable option.