How to Capture Real Estate. A Good Strategy

Is there a particular technique to capture Islamabad property? This is one of the questions that real estate agents often ask us. Capturing real estate sometimes becomes a stressful problem, given the number of owners who do not stick to reasons when it comes to the issue of the sale price.

However, the problem is not only in the owners when it comes to capturing real estate ; but in some real estate agents who do not know how to convince the owner to put his property on the market at the right price.

It is logical that the owner wants to sell his home for the maximum possible price; but it is also true that the owner wants, above all, to sell , and if he has the right advice, he will establish a sale price according to the market. It is the obligation of real estate agents to demonstrate how much your property is worth in the market TODAY and how it can give you more value if possible.

To capture real estate you need a strategy, a plan and not improvise on the fly or have a more or less developed plan in mind that you put into practice as the wind blows. Thus it is impossible to capture real estate that is profitable and also makes the work of recruitment stressful.

| Preparing a Plan to Capture Real Estate.

We have helped many real estate agents to capture properties by always preparing an action plan that begins long before going out to capture. Your strategy to capture real estate should start by analyzing the market where you move and know the real estate statistics regarding that area let’s say Park View City in Islamabad. You need information on the number of dwellings inhabited in the area, commercial properties in the area, population living in the area by age, visitors to the area, emigration to the area, etc. All this work is carried out only once and gives a lot of information that is unknown and helps a lot to capture.

If you search you will find all the information you need through the local administration . Everything that pays taxes is registered and population data is easily found. You will not have the real data , (you will work with statistics that are 1 year old ), but you will have very approximate data.

Why is this data important? Because they give you an idea of ​​how the market is in your area and which properties are the most profitable to sell and rent. Of course, you have to invest some time in this analysis, but once you have done it it will be a very useful work tool in the recruitment. Your goal: to focus on capturing a certain type of real estate that is profitable, (maximum commission possible), and not anything.

Once you have completed this exercise. You must delimit your area or territory by neighborhoods and estimate prices according to type of property. All this information can be obtained online in the portals and classifieds. A job that will take you a couple of weeks but is essential in your recruitment strategy. Do not be one of those real estate agents who do not know the territory where you work.

Next, you must prepare the exclusive recruitment campaign for owners. You can offer a free valuation or an Information Guide to help sell to the owners. My students use both and create on Facebook 2 campaigns a month that report them between 2-4 properties . You do not have to go door to door or distribute advertising in each building.

Once covered this phase, comes the part of preparing the script of what should be said to the owner to gain credibility.

| Capture Real Estate with Credibility.

Capturing real estate online is fast and relatively simple, as long as you stick to a strategy. The first thing is to earn the credibility of the owners by showing that you are a professional real estate agent. The most effective way to achieve this is to offer a free informative guide full of practical advice on how to sell a home quickly. Includes market data, real estate legislation, reforms, etc. A free guide of about 20 pages, easy to understand and well written.

What this guide achieves is that when the owner contacts you, he has a different perception of your service from your competition and when it comes to agreeing on the price, the owner tends to listen and follow your recommendation. You have created credibility before the owner knows you in person.

Many real estate agencies have finally understood the advantages of content marketing and have launched to create free reports to capture real estate, (and clients) , which they use in their advertising, in their videos and in their Facebook campaigns with very good results . This is the best strategy to capture real estate and capture the best. It is the best, because you are showing credibility and professionalism.

Capture Real Estate Using a Valuation Software.

The other strategy that my students use to capture is to prepare a free valuation of a property, without the owner feeling committed to giving it to you for sale. Here is the key: offer the valuation without any commitment from the owner.

With regard to this issue I am going to tell you what a real estate agency has done in Mexico City, to effectively capture real estate . Today, after 5 months of starting with this recruitment strategy, they receive approximately 4 calls a week from owners who wish to obtain a free valuation and about 2-3 end up listing their properties with the agency. With this demand, the agency chooses the owners with whom it wants to work and establishes its rules. Something that all agencies would like to achieve.

This agency invested $ 67 in a property valuation program and $ 125 in a program to draw plans . Each time the agents are going to capture a property, they use the aforementioned software to give the owner a real valuation of the property.

In less than 1 hour, (depending on the house, of course), the agent takes the data of the property, measures all the rooms, garden, garage, etc .; and the next day or two days, he presents the owner with a report on the valuation of his home, establishing an adequate sale price and a 2D and 3D plan of his home. This house plan has proved to be an excellent sales tool where the future customer gets a better idea about what they are going to buy.

NOTE: You can find valuation software and plan creation software in the resources section of this website.

Capturing real estate is not a matter of home staging only. To sell at the right price and quickly, you have to know the house well. This strategy, (quite summarized) , is what makes you attract real estate profitably and sell them quickly. Show the owner that you are different in your recruitment advertising and when he meets you.

Do you want to capture your properties exclusively without having to ask for exclusivity? Plan the recruitment strategy well and the owners will only want to work with you. When the owner contacts you because you have generated credibility, you dictate the rules, your recommendations are taken into account and the exclusivity goes to the background. You have the exclusive without asking. Let’s see if the competition does as well as you when you contact that owner! I doubt it.

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