Rang Rasiya Chatoyer wedding set 2020

Mostly dresses Eid new layouts, Carnation Luxury Eid Suits Collection 2019 By Rangrasiya are such plans includes a completely weaved schifli front left in the very best of subtleties. The dupatta is orange in shading in bamber, hand printed with all our mark golden thwarting. This, blustery Easy and stunningly beautiful is the Lawn you’ve been hanging for this Eid. The duppata is beautifully woven and aggressively weaved on web formed inside a organization that is basic yet absolutely prosperous. Skip and 3D published fringes add to the in charm and abundance of this dress.

Rangrasiya Carnation Luxury Eid Suits Summer Collection 2020rang rasiya lawn

Rangrasiya Carnation Luxury Eid Collection that the unbelievable arrangement of adoration Scherzade retains for her tales and stories is exemplified in this lofty clothing which consolidates two identifying hues that go so well together. Schifli weaved shirt paired with a wealthy dupatta with adhesive printed this clothing is made a work of art by trousers. This become pink with shading printed top and feroze slope will act as a virus breeze on a hot day. You can view the some images of Carnation Luxury Eid Suits Collection 2019 By Rangrasiya of spring summer season.

Rang Rasiya Chatoyer wedding variant 2020 accomplishment Hania Aamir

So the wait is finally over and it is here! rang rasiya lawn has launched their Chatoyer wedding edition collection starring our very favorite male model and the Hania Aamir Husnain Lehri.

As we all know Rang Rasiya is famous for blending aesthetics with traditional wear. This time they’ve gone large and we’re in awe of each layout. Hania Aamir looks combined with the gorgeous Embroidery and Zari work producing silhouettes that are currently giving us major

“Outfits to wear to your wedding aims” So are we all. This jaw mix comes with Adda function with a shirt with Adda work, lining, trouser, embroidered sleeve lace, embroidered Adda work on border lace front, embroidered border lace back, embroidered trouser theme and embroidered organza dupatta with Adda work.

Each of the suits in the group including that is available for PKR 15,495.

Rang Rasiya Chatoyer wedding set 2018

Just how magnificent does Hania Aamir looks in this outfit on a scale of 1-10? If your reply is 100 then you have a keen eye for beauty and fashion. This outfit is made up of embroidered gold zari chiffon shirt with Adda function, dyed shirt liner, embroidered velvet shawl, jamawaar trouser that is dyed and embroidered border rear and front.

Rang Rasiya Chatoyer wedding set 2018

WOAH! This is our favorite out of all of them. The elegance, the unforgettable vibe of 50s’ ancient era and elegance. Sheesha work and the colour mix making it seem Oh So Pretty.

This outfit consists of embroidered silver zari shirt with sheesha work, dyed shirt lining, and embroidered pure silver tissue dupatta with sheesha sork, dyed jamawaar trouser, embroidered border lace front and rear with sheesha work and embroidered sleeve lace using sheesha work.

Yup! This is what paradise looks like on earth. This timeless mix of black and gold looks smoldering hot. This outfit includes Velvet shirt with Adda function, embroidered mesh dupatta, rear tassels and dyed Velvet trouser.

Rang Rasiya Chatoyer wedding collection 2018

The earthy tones mixed with embellishments to perish. The cut lines combined with sleek silhouette look. This outfit consists of Chiffon shirt with work, dyed Silver zari shirt liner, and embroidered Adda work on Chiffon dupatta, bamber Chiffon Gharara with Adda work, Gharara lining dyed, embroidered Border Front and back and embroidered sleeve lace.

She is elegance and she’s grace too. What a deadly combination! The palettes and Swarovski mixed together. This outfit consists of masoori Chiffon shirt dyed shirt lining, with Adda work, and embroidered dyed Jacquard trouser on net dupatta, lace edge lace and embroidered sleeve lace using Adda work.

Peach colour is large this winter season. If you don’t believe us, this really is Hania Aamir rocking the identical color with flowery mixture of pink and oranges. This outfit includes embroidered shirt dyed shirt lining, with Adda work, embroidered Organza dupatta, embroidered trouser motif , dyed jamawar trouser , embroidered sleeve lace border lace and embroidered dupatta theme.

Hania Aamir rocking yet another Peach colour and making it seem so simple whilst doing so. This duo of silver and peach comes with embroidered Organza shirt with trouser lace shirt lining, embroidered dupatta, embroidered Grip Trouser and Adda work.