Colors and placement using the Smashbox Full Exposure

Smashbox Cosmetics full exposure

By now I am sure you have heard of/ are about the BB [beauty balm that is ] lotion train.

This Item will totally/completely/ with no doubt make You camera ready. I am pretty sure Smashbox Cosmetics full exposure is currently holding the crown to be one of the most popular BB lotions out there right now

Cosmetics full exposure

As we ought to, so that is fabulous, first off, it’s SPF 35 All be sporting SPF every day…but I’m sure you already knew that. It’s perfectly blend-able and super lightweight. Bonus: it comes in five shades so you wouldn’t have trouble finding your ideal match.


Your treating your skin by moisturizing and priming…you’re I’ve discovered the Smashbox BB Cream helps to make a great canvas for makeup application…and it’s also nice totally on its own without makeup. This bb cream is usually only worn by me while at the office, I will add some NARS Orgasm Multiple throughout the day to add some colour if I feel like it, but I find that I do not need concealer and that I do not even need bronzer.


The best part about the Camera Ready BB Cream is you simply Will definitely notice a difference in your skin’s texture and appearance over the course of using it..and that’s the point of a beauty product, you are treating your skin whilst still utilizing it as a”cosmetics”. Consider of the construction work that really does and how significant your nighttime skin care ritual is, and interpret that to bb cream during construction work throughout the day.


PS: While bb creams tout themselves I utilize AM moisturizer before applying the bb lotion, morning procedure. Consider doing this, just or if you feel you shiny aren’t pleased with the appearance do not take action, but I think you’ll find an added benefit in utilizing your moisturizer applying your bb cream!


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Although I am not a wonder blogger by trade an Since the brand perfectly contrasts with everything that means to be a 23, ambassador for Smashbox is such a natural fit for TRL. Their focus is on creating instead of one which fits beauty criteria — a look that makes you feel confident on your skin also celebrates what makes you different. Over the past few months I’ve been trying out LOADS of Smashbox products, from primers have narrowed down my complete must-haves, and to lipsticks to color correctors. Here are five of my fave Smashbox goodies I honestly can’t live without…


Smashbox is known for getting the best Primer from the game, and this oil needs to be in the winter cosmetics bag of each Canadian woman. Super flexible, you can utilize as primer below your makeup for a flawless finish, or you can dab it on top to get a glow over your cheekbones. You can use it on your hair to repair split ends. OR you may use it on your elbows for super dry skin. ORRRRR in your own lips sterile under your lippy. It’s the mothaeffin’ bomb.”






Since I’m like, the person in all of Canada, finding A basis for my skin tone is not a simple effort. Locating one is even tougher. And finding one with coverage which does not look like I have caked it on is near impossible. Until I found this bottle of magic. Needless to say, my obsession is REAL with the Studio Skin Foundation of Smashbox. It is and comes in 17 shades for women of all skin tones. It stays on all day without making my face texture gross at the end of the day or irritating my skin. Plus, Smashbox evaluations all their foundations at the Flashbox Lighting Lab, so it seems good in all types of light (even that horrible office lighting).




Please do not make me choose only one. Smashbox has Till you take it off using make-up remover — no smudging, flaking or gooping for starters, it stays on FOREVER. Nonetheless, it’s the super intense shades Smashbox has generated which have made me a fan. Nowadays, instead of a simple tinted gloss, I have been rocking everything from rich burgundy (Miss Conduct) to chocolate brown (True Grit) to grey (Chill Zone). Bad bish level = throughout the roof.






Remember when I said I found my curls in 28? Nicely I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect eyebrow. I have discovered a few’meh’ pencils, but they’re either too dark or too orange-y (I always opt for brunette colors over blond for this reason). Smashbox’s Photo Eyes Matte Palette is a all-in-one 14 shade palette for all eyes — shadow, brows and liner. And it’s given me that the brows I always wanted but (literally) never needed. I blend with a brown that is cool to give me the ideal taupe-y brows, and play to create my eyes pop.




My blonde-eyelashed women this here is your saviour. I have been on the hunt for mascara that gives me eyelash Without needing to coating on 4,728 coats. The Majority of them clump following a month, Or come from the tube all goopy with way too much merchandise. Dis right here Does none of the above mentioned. I have been using the Identical tube for two months and There’s not one clump to be seen. The tube itself has a tight finish, so if you Pull out the wand, it pulls off all mascara, leaving you Right amount seem like a boss.