Social networks for real estate: The most common mistakes on Facebook and Twitter

In this post we will see two errors in social networks for real estate, which we have detected in the activity of many of them and professionals with a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and at the end of the article we will mention a brand that you can take as an example, since our Analysis has evaluated its online work in social networks as excellent.

In many cases, either due to lack of time or due to lack of knowledge in the material, the attention that Real Estate Marketing requires, and especially social networks, is not given to bring benefits, and most of the time, this it ends in neglect and finally abandonment of the online presence of the real estate or the professional.

In an earlier article we mentioned the initial importance of understanding well what kind of page to launch on Facebook: Park View City, and we explained how to recognize each one and which one to use in each case.

Social networks for real estate: Errors to avoid on Facebook and Twitter related to house for rent in Islamabad.

Error 1: Do not update your real estate social networks periodically

It is the most common mistake and the one with the highest failure rate in social media marketing.

It is not that there is a minimum number of publications in each social network, but it must be carried out periodically. The ideal would be:

  • Between 3 and 5 Facebook posts per week
  • Between 5 and 10 tweets a day on Twitter

Of course, a lower index can also be very productive if the information offered is of sufficient quality to keep fans or followers interested after the first 24 hours of remaining in the walls.

To consider:

On Facebook, the average life of a publication on a fan’s wall is between 5 and 10 hours (without advertising).

On Twitter, the half-life of a tweet on the wall of your followers is 6 minutes.

Error 2: Share information from other blogs only

It is something very common and that is usually done due to lack of time and lack of own blog on real estate websites . We simply share with our fans and followers the articles we find interesting from third-party blogs.

This activity is professionally called “curate content” and those who carry it out are “curators”. What we do through it is to choose for our fans and followers the information we believe may be most useful, in the middle of the thousands and thousands of news and guides that appear daily. We help you read the most important.

However, the objective of this action is to achieve some leadership as professionals in the sector, so the Content Curator is a recommended activity for personal profiles, and not for Company Pages.

As we will see later in the blog when studying the Rule of Three Thirds, curating content is part of what should be done in social networks for real estate, but should not monopolize your entire social activity in them.

And as an example of good practice we want to highlight on this occasion the excellent work of Sky Marketing . Do not forget to visit their Company Page to observe how to develop a good social media content strategy.