How to write for the website of a real estate business?

Language on the Internet has characteristics defined by the same medium. To properly convey our message, whether in a blog article or on a website, we must take into account very specific guidelines for writing.

In this article I will teach you to correctly transmit the message of your real estate agency through the Internet, seeing how the links should be used, how the reading could be improved, what tools on the Internet would help to write better, etc.

The most interesting thing for people who visit our website is not reading the section that explains about us or what we offer itself through the agency, but what interests them is knowing how we can help them. It is about us being able to satisfy your needs, your interests and your desires through what we offer you.

For example, it is better to say on the home page:

Looking for houses? Quick and easy with us” instead of saying “we are a real estate portal” and offering the properties directly.

This obvious marketing point of view is often forgotten by not putting ourselves in the position of the customer who is going to read us.

We tend to talk about ourselves in a formal, serious and corporate language that looks more like an advertisement.

I recommend that you review your website and use a language oriented to your client, much simpler, colloquial and that is closer to the client’s profile.

Content creation

When your potential client accesses your website, they should quickly be able to answer the following questions:

  • This website is from …
  • This website offers / sells …
  • What is the difference from another in the same sector?
  • Why should I buy / sell my house here?

In all sectors and also in real estate, where it is even more acute, there is a lot of competition and it is impossible to stand out by offering the same as the others: phrases such as “we offer the best offer of …”, “We offer the best service of”, Etc., are common phrases that do not provide any differential value with the rest of real estate agencies.

When your client sees the real estate website, he unconsciously asks himself why do I choose to sell / buy my house here and not in another real estate company?

To answer their question, you must quickly offer them an exclusive competitive advantage, of greater value and different from what your competition is offering.

The greater the specialization you can offer, the greater the possibility of success on the Internet.

Another important text on the home page of your website and that offers differentiation from the competition and where the benefit offered by your agency can be very explicit, is the slogan. This text should be of a few words, a maximum of 10, explicit and should focus on the benefit you offer your client.

An important aspect to take into account when generating content for your real estate website is to know how the visitor behaves when browsing the page.

Normally, we see reading from one part to another looking for headlines, texts, images, links, etc. that attract our attention. Therefore, you should try to simplify and specify your content in a few words.

To help your website visitors (potential clients) retain information about your real estate or when writing blog posts, I recommend that you:

  • Summarize the most interesting points with lists containing icons.
  • Use tags or labels in the navigation menus with the terminology that your potential client can use when looking for information of interest.
  • Use titles and subtitles, without abusing them just to highlight what is really important to attract the attention of your website visitor.
  • Use one idea per paragraph and that it does not contain more than 5 lines, nor more than 20 words per line.

Writing style

For both the web and blog articles, use simple texts, as I mentioned before that the paragraphs and sentences you use are short, highlighting the main idea in the title, subtitle and the initial sentences that you write of the text, thus transmitting information with value from the beginning and maintaining interest in reading.

The content writing that is used for blogs and websites must be direct, clear concise, that it does not involve much effort on the part of the person who is reading the text and, without neglecting persuasive language, it must be objective.

Throughout the content writing for the blog posts or the texts that you use in the different sections of the web, you must include those keywords that your potential client can use to search for information on the Internet: buy a house, sell a house, real estate investment, etc.

It is also important that you know that you must include these keywords because search engines value it to index your real estate website, although without abusing them so that you do not get penalized for positioning your website for “bad practice” (it is considered ideal for the purposes of position the web effectively, use of the total text between 2% and 4% of keywords).

Another aspect valued by search engines is to use internal links from the page itself, which must be clearly identified by your website visitors.

As you can see, writing content on the Internet should not only seduce your potential clients from your real estate but also google and other search engines.

Combine multimedia with texts and functionalities.

The use of images or videos makes it easier for you to transmit information about your agency, the services you offer and the products in your portfolio from your real estate website in a closer and faster way, since it takes less effort than reading on the screen.


On the other hand, among the advantages of using text is, mainly, that this way you allow the visitor to view “scan”, that is, they can focus on reading what really interests them and catches their attention, leaving aside what in principle, see less important.

It is highly recommended that you include features on the web such as search, zoom for photos, the google maps application, the “add to favourite” button, etc. to facilitate visitor navigation.

If you use other languages

It is possible that you will use another language or languages ​​for your real estate website depending on the audience you are targeting.

It is important that the translations are done by translators who know the sector by the correct use of words and terminologies typical of the real estate market.

It is also important that you program language discrimination based on the user who visits your website.

It is a handicap that on the first screen the potential customer wastes time choosing the language before entering the content they are looking for.

Advertising that works for the real estate business

As you well know, advertising is one of the most important factors for the success of a real estate agency.

And in this digital age, online real estate advertising is the safe bet to publicize your business. Now, it is very important that you review your advertising strategies and seek the best effectiveness in the use of available financial resources.

You will measure the effectiveness of online real estate advertising by observing the number of people who, at the time of viewing the ad you have designed, react in the manner planned and planned.

If this amount is higher than what you have raised, you will be able to corroborate that the advertising launched has been effective, on the contrary, if the objective has not been achieved, it will be time to analyse what has failed and propose how to work to improve and solve those failures in the fastest way.

Before you start to consider designing an online advertising campaign, it is convenient that you know the latest data, the most striking data in this matter.

The current situation of digital advertising

During 2018, digital advertising in our country will already reach almost 38% of the total advertising invested, ranking above that for television and other channels.

Within the online media in which we can allocate digital advertising, it is observed that online video (with 32.4%) will be the most used format, social networks are maintained but with less growth (with 28.9%). %) and a medium to keep in mind that is beginning to be on the rise (with a growth of 25.4%) is programmatic advertising, that is, advertising in which the advertiser does not buy spaces, but audiences.

It could be said that it is a type of advertising based on Big Data to segment the audience and offer advertising in a more personalized way to people who are really interested in our service or product.


On the other hand, it is also very important to know the channel with the highest growth through which the audience consumes advertising and which is expected to be the smartphone by 2018, going for the first time to be above tablets and computers.

Where to create the best advertising for a real estate

How we are explaining to you in this article, digital real estate advertising is very important, and it will continue to be so. We want to show you below the main channels to advertise your real estate agency and its services:

Google Ads

It is the search engine par excellence of the real estate sector (well and of all sectors) and therefore an obligatory stop for your real estate agency if you want to advertise. With this platform, you guarantee traffic to your real estate website or the landing page that you indicate.

Advantages of Google Ads: The website of your real estate agency is well developed, with good design, with texts that give confidence and security, it can be a great opportunity to get quality traffic.

Disadvantages of Google Ads: If you invest, you receive visits; If you stop investing, the visits will suddenly stop. AdWords is a good channel to get visits whenever you have a budget, but we remind you that another way to also get qualified potential clients is by betting and working on the content marketing of your real estate website, which we have already told you about in previous articles.

Social Media Advertising

Another form of online advertising par excellence to get traffic to the website of your real estate agency is real estate advertising on social networks as done by Tajarat properties.

Here you have many options: Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads or the ads of the LinkedIn social network.

Advantages of online advertising on social networks: Its main advantage is the possibility of segmentation by age, sex, interests, activity on the network, etc. We know that social networks accumulate millions of data on the behaviours, interests and tastes of all the people who use them.

These data are marketed through the platforms themselves, being a very attractive channel for advertisers.

The second great advantage is the option that they offer you to orient your advertising to interests and behaviors, even to mix these variables, in order to more accurately achieve the target audience, you are looking for.

Disadvantages of online advertising for real estate in networks: The only disadvantage that we can comment on is that we believe it is necessary to have a professional to help you invest correctly in them. For example, in Facebook Ads you have to take into account many variables that you will not master in two days, since you will not have time to delve into it either.

Steps to Creative Real Estate Advertising

After this introduction to put you in the present of online advertising, capital smart city  leave you the essential steps to create effective advertising for your real estate agency.

Step 1: Objectives

This is the main mistake you can make when thinking about your agency’s advertising: not marking and knowing its objective, what is the purpose of said advertising. Aspects such as the design of the image, the content design of the campaign and the budget depend on this objective that you set.

Also remember that competition in this sector is high, so if you do not have a good advertising strategy from your real estate agency, unfortunately your ads will not work nor will they have the objective you are looking for with them. You will invest without result.

Currently, most online advertising platforms, especially in Facebook Ads, help you to propose what is the objective of the campaign you want to launch: get more interactions in the posts, increase the number of followers, increase the number of visits to your website, etc.

If you are starting now in the world of online real estate advertising, the first step you must take is to invest to grow the community, then generate that connection between fans and your brand to create the so-called brand engagement.

Step 2: Humanize.

You must bear in mind that from your real estate agency you always work with people, you help to buy or sell properties, but your client is people.

It is very important that your client can see the human face of the agency, with this you make it easier for them to identify with the agency and with the agents who work in it.

Step 3: Take Care of the Ad Text This

is the most important part of the online banner ad. It should not be very long, but direct and contain keywords as well as action verbs.

Step 4: Test the Ad

Before giving the ok to make the campaign visible, test and review different versions of the ad: image and texts. In this way, you make sure you know how the ad will work among the public you are targeting.